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Police Civil Service Commission

Consists of three members.

One appointed by the Mayor; one appointed by Fraternal Order of Police; one appointed by local businessman's association (Bridgeport Rotary).

Must be qualified voters of the City and not more than two of the commissioners may be of the same political party.

Terms are four years.

At least once a year, they meet and elect one of them as president of the Commission.

The Recorder serves as ex officio clerk of the policemen's civil service commission.

Powers, authority, duties:

  1. Prescribe and enforce rules and regulations for carrying into effect the civil service provisions of Article 8-14-10 of the State Code;
  2. Keep minutes of its proceedings, and records of its examinations and other official actions;
  3. Make investigations concerning all matters regarding the enforcement and effect of the civil service provisions and rules and regulations of the Commission;
  4. Have power to subpoena and require the attendance of witnesses for investigations;
  5. Make an annual report to the Mayor.

Meets when necessary

Contact: Lauren Rogers

Current Members:

James "Jim" Gray (appointed by Bridgeport Rotary) 
746 E. Shannon Road
Expires 4/23/27

Shawn A. Morgan (appointed by the Fraternal Order of Police)
6 Stratford Court
Expires 9/30/24

Brian Kemmerer (appointed by Mayor)
620 Kembery Drive
Expires 9/9/23

Rev. 6/23